Alexandre Lemieux

Hi I just graduated from Laval university in Actuarial Science. I work as an actuary for Unum Provident. I’m on a TN visa. Few tips for those that are considering moving with this visa:1. Make sure you have your university diploma with you 2. Don’t go too early you’re only allowed getting the visa 2 weeks before start work date.3. The us social security number is incredibly important in the states its required for essentially everything. Furthermore getting the number can take several weeks to more then a month as they run background checks on you. Patience is key really.For those of you not sure whether moving is right for you well I’ve been living in the states for 2 months now and I don’t regret it. I get courteous service from public servants people drive with care and most importantly I get paid with real money. Now despite my name I am an anglophone( my parents are french but I went to english schools all my life) and that made the moving process easier for me. However I work with francophones who came here knowing very little english and they still manage to fit in perfectly. The french-english barrier is overblown by the angry seperatists who failed english class. Anyways if you’re not passable in english in North America you really need to reexamine your situation. Finally for all the seperatists who say that I profited from the “free” education system to get an education and leave get over yourselves. The Quebec education system isn’t free what we gain in less money we lose with idiotic student unions that always want to put us on strike and make us lose semesters(sorry I’m venting). Anyways I wish the best of luck to anybody who does decides to leave the backwaters of North America. It’s a choice you won’t regret.

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