I left Quebec’s province on the last Canada Day!

I moved to Halifax where I got the chance to hear for the first time in my life the national anthem sung by someone whose not paid to do so! Although I must confess I’ll be living in Nova Scotia for only a year this is a great accomplishment for me. I’ll be back in Montreal to take advantage of the low tuition fees Quebec has to offer. In fact you fellow quebecers are going to pay for the most part the cost of my education through your income tax! My mother did so you’ll do so but I won’t. As soon as I’ll be done with school I’ll get away again.

I can’t stand the lefty way of thinking. So much to say there that I won’t say anything. But you might notice I didn’t move out west as most people do. It wasn’t a money motivated move. I just wanted to learn English in such a way that I could go on unnoticed. There nothing to be proud about french nor to be ashamed of. It’s just the way things are and you can (or could be able to) do something to heal this if you’re not happy with it.

Anyways I love my new city people are kind though a bit lefty here too. The saddest thing about Quebec is the 101 bill that in the end will have cost me a year of my life and some hard work…Actually I’ve nothing against Quebec itself my hate is directed at the way it’s governed and as I said the way people think there. It might be something like a childish hate towards “my mother land” but I really think life’s better out of those walls. Instead of bursting out I’ll just suggest you to read Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution that is about as you might have already guessed the right ideal. PS I’m a native French speaker but I believe everyone should know English so this is my humble contribution.

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