Mike Maxwell

I was born in Quebec and grew up there. I left in 1980 and went west to Alberta.

Due to a job closeure I transfered to Montreal in 1999 I speak French but cant write. When in Alberta my son went to French school. For me its not a issue with language.

My family left Quebec in 2002 and will never return I have never seen such a self destructive culture. Your lives are based on politics and taxes fear and threats and corruption and welfare .

The Government runs your lives in Quebec. When I die I will be going to hell! But I know there is a far worse place than hell I could have ended up in and thats Quebec.Quebec is like Mexico poor corrupt but with more tax (QUEBEXICO).

Sorry if I offend you with my comments my wife 16year old son and myself can speak French as well as you speak English. I watched your video on CTV. Hats off to you Quebec needs more people like you. There is alot more out there than Quebec. I hope you take the chance to see it.

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