Serge Robert

Vous avez raison. Le Quebec est rempli de separatistes enrages. Voici une chanson de Mononc’ Serge qui prouve que vous avez raison de detester les separatistes. Continuez votre combat pour la verite! Bravo! Sacrons le camp d’icitte!!!!CANADA IS NOT MY COUTRYFrenchmen came from FranceTo exterminate indians Satisfy their appetite for genocideThey proliferated like verminSo today we are millions Dreaming of destructionWaiting for secessionPreparing the final assaultTo avenge the plains of Abraham insult Dreaming of pogroms and referendumsReading Mein Kampf and Lionel Groulx’ anthologyNot giving a shit about the right of minoritiesTo ignore our half-dead tongue you know we’re wrongWhy don’t you open your eyesAnd you will see that Canada is not our countryHow do you want me to identifyWith a country where human rights are kingAn open minded land where multi-culturism is the thingDon’t you see my heart is full of hatredRetrograde ideas racist beliefsThere is no place there for a maple leafBetween two mouthfulls of pea soup I count my munitions I polish my .22I wanna crush this miserable beaver under my thumbStrangle ministers wear brown shirts plant bombs I like the sound of the boots in the military marchAnd the Parti Québécois membership cardsWhy don’t you set me free why don’t you seeThat Canada is not my countryCanada CanadaCanada is not my country

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